Think Vast


Awaken to your full potential and hack your optimal state of mind.

I see a world where we are connected by inspiration, liberated by creative growth and free to pursue what really makes our heart beat effortlessly alive.

I see a world where you can think, be, and live Vast — on the continuously expanding edge of your potential by making your highest states of being your default states.

What I Do

I question the long held psychological, existential, and spiritual assumptions to create simpler, greater, and more direct ways to access our true nature. 

Because unless we question our most sacred illusions, we can't transcend the false beliefs in the way of who we truly are and can become.

And it doesn't matter how established, ancient, or trendy they are. What stands in the way of ourselves stands in the way of life. I care about what works not what sounds good.

You are yourself to the degree to which you feel and are alive. And your life is defined by how much of that you can bring to the present moment.

When I wanted to understand how we can do that, I began to study various schools of personal, psychological, and spiritual development. 

Unfortunately, I had to discover that most were based on nothing more than stories and dogmas, and I pissed off a lot of people.

I’m a consciousness hacker. I develop tools to help myself and others live from their optimal states of being so that deep freedom, joy, and fulfillment can become an actual way of life.

What Is Vast?

I believe that everything we do with difficulty we can do, naturally, with ease and simplicity.

The Vast process is about discovering the effortless and direct ways to create these tiny shifts that have a powerful impact. 

You might call these butterfly effects, but in Vast they are called generative principles.

Imagine yourself with the ability to transcend your fear, pain, and doubt to trigger a clear mind, effortless confidence, and energy wherever and whenever you want.

It's by uncovering and applying those generative principles in your life that you can access your full self and tickle your life into creative alignment with your purpose. 

And it's more than just deconstructing what's already out there  to find superficial shortcuts and life hacks. Vast is about abandoning detours to find the deep hacks that create large effects with minimal shifts.

That’s why I created Vast, a series of powerful insights, intuitive techniques, and principles to make that a reality. 

Join me. Think Vast.

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