Live from your true state. Your effortless peak state.


Who are you when you are the most liberated, powerful, and authentic version of yourself? 

Do you want to know how you can free your mind and tap into your natural wellspring of effortless confidence?

Do you want to discover how you can generate energy on command and drop into flow states at will to be more creative, productive, and joyful?

What if you knew how you can shift into that vaster version of yourself and live from that state of existence?


The right tools will vitalize you and clarify your mind.

Would you want to learn the little known hacks to dissolve stress, reverse fear into power, and silence your mind at a moment's notice?

And transcend your unconscious patterns to accelerate your personal growth to live with more purpose, passion, and effortlessness?

Maybe you want to discover how you can bypass your mind to directly access your optimal states of mind to be on your best day every day? 

Or find out what the true purpose behind your deepest desires is to discover who you truly are and live with an ease of passion regardless of your surroundings?


I want to show you something revolutionary.

I am Sy and I believe that our highest states of mind are natural states. I'm a consciousness hacker, inventor, and coach.

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are lucky. See, I was not satisfied with the solutions offered by modern and traditional psychology, spirituality and personal development.

As you will have discovered by now, too many are heavy on the rhetoric, weighed down by superstitions and dogmas, illusions and empty rituals, and theories with more to show in word count than impact.

That’s why I created Vast, a set of tools and principles to make our most elevated states of mind our default states by simplifying the access to our deeper potential.

Over the past few years I have made some groundbreaking discoveries that specifically allow you to do that. I have distilled them into powerful methods with a real and immediate impact that are intuitive enough to use in your everyday life.

Find out more about Vast by learning how you can hack your optimal state of mind, read my articles, discover flow state meditation, or join my coaching programs.


Think Vast, Live Vast

I work with groups and one to one. I teach my clients how to summon and sustain their desired state of mind to have more energy, clarity of mind, effortless confidence, and flow

But I have a lot of resources too. If you're new here, check out my Articles, or some of my signature methods like Resonance Meditation, the first and only flow state specific meditation technique, and Pure Expression, the ability to master your mind and experience at will.

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