The Creative Edge of Your Potential


Liberate yourself, master your mind, dissolve into reality, and live on the creative edge of your potential.

Creative Edge of Vast and Art Von Sy

What if you could transform yourself to live a life of increased purpose, freedom, clarity, and creativity? What if you could live Vast and fuse with the creative essence of your existence?

Vast is a way of life, a science, and a practical philosophy to align with your highest expression of self. A way to create fearlessly and boldly exceed yourself by distilling and bringing more value into the world.

It means to think, live, and connect with others on your highest values to make every moment an affirmation of your deepest purpose. And to discover how you can, by awakening to their essence, exist in unity with your mind, body, and reality.

Think Vast to live Vast and discover the most liberated, creative, and authentic expression of yourself.

By exploring the ins and outs of a Vast practice, you will learn how to live as the continuously expanding edge of your potential. And while expressing that, bring the person you’ve always dreamt of being into the world and create a life beyond your expectations.

With various meditative practices and formative insights, assisting you to not act from stress, nor from fear, not from inadequacy, and neither from compensation, but from zest, passion, and joy.

It means to awaken to and show up as the euphoria of moment to moment liberation and to subvert the boundaries of self-contraction. It means to show up beyond self-interference, in flow with yourself and the world at large.

Live in the joy of your existential value, as the music and not the song, the wave and not the water, the spark and not the fire.

And by teaching you how to become the master of your mind, experience, life, and reality, it shows you how to live obstaclelessly, beyond dogma and convention, with a playful irreverence that can only emerge from a deep reverence for the enigma of life.

To abandon all detours, presume no obstacles, and exhibit the boldness to question everything that came before with the humility to question even that.

Do you want to awaken to the true purpose behind your deepest desires?

I have met with and learned from the greatest minds of our time and beyond, at universities, monasteries, libraries, and nature to distill the underlying patterns that unify them.

In that journey I discovered the principles that form the intersection of self, reality, and consciousness to directly access your higher states of consciousness. 

With its simple methods and insights, Vast teaches you how to move through life as the creative force that shapes your reality, as the prime mover of action, and the creative edge of your potential. I want to show you some of that. 

Are you ready to live Vast?