About Me

The dissolution of boundaries as a sport. 
The cultivation of presence as a duty. 
The fire of innovation as a default stance. 
The Ruthless questioning of everything, anything, and anyone as a passion. 
Iconoclasm for breakfast. 
Self-mastery as a daily practice, Excellence for sustenancE, And vastness as my centeR.

Art Von Sy Think Vast

I research and develop ways to maximize our lives by mastering the movements of our minds. I'm a philosopher, consciousness hacker, trainer, and the creator of Vast. 

I focus on the intersection of self, reality, and consciousness, to generate more flow, more effortlessness, more presence, more confidence, more personal freedom, and excellence. 

And with Vast I help people realize the above by accessing more aligned states of mind to think, be, and live to the peak of our abilities. 

At the center of what I do are the values of liberation, creative growth, inspired connection, and a fearlessly playful drive for greater awareness and truth.

Because the truth can only be found by selflessly challenging it. Where else do we find our assumptions, blindspots, and greater powers if not in the shadows of our ignorance?

I never liked playing by the rules, I always preferred playing with them. The thought of rules, imposed by who knows who, has always been deeply disturbing to me. 

Don’t just think outside of the box. Go live there!

We are all born into ignorance of our ancestors. And I believe that breaking through those dogmas no one thinks to question is more than just the essence, it is the substance of being truly alive.

Seven years ago I was consumed by a series of questions at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and mysticism. What is at the core of our existence and how far can we creatively reach into it? 

Ultimately, our lives revolve around states of being. There is nothing we don’t do to improve our states of mind and being, whether we know it or not. 

And it’s our states that define which of our sensibilities, qualities, and abilities we have access to. I wanted access to all of them.

What if we could enter our highest states of being with conscious control and self-determination? 

What if we didn’t have to make our levels of happiness, confidence, ability, and satisfaction dependent on our circumstances?

How would you live your life if every state of mind and being you’ve ever experienced was at your disposal?

And most crucially, what if we could learn to access them spontaneously and without effort and contrived rituals just as we do when they arise naturally?

Everything we do begins and end with ourselves. If we can bring our most aligned self to the present moment, how would that transform everything?

I remembered instances of being flooded with an extraordinary volume of energy and a tremendously wide and focused state of mind that kept me awake without fatigue for days. 

My mental and physical abilities were unparalleled and so was my creativity. My senses were heightened to such an intensity that I knew what was happening before it did. 

There was no more friction, no obstacles, and no emotions standing in my way, but all elements of my reality were conspiring to elevate me. These were states of such profound unity and effortlessness where all restrictions within myself dissolved. 

From the ordinary state of dissonance, conflict, doubt, compensation, and anxiety, I shifted into a vast resonance with myself. It was as if I had merged with reality and reality into me. I was reality.

These periods would last for a few days and sometimes mere moments before they would disappear, leaving only their echo as a faint rippling glow. Naturally, I had no control over them. They would arise, as it seemed to me, at random.

The ability to abide as our most playful, powerful, and enlightened version of self, because of, in spite of, and irrespective of our circumstances — that’s Radical Presence.

It’s only years later that I thought it would be unlikely, given that we’ve sent people to Moon, for no one to have created a way to reach those states. 

There are millennia long traditions of spirituality that speak of transcendent states. Entire fields within psychology devoted to the mastery of our minds and increased mental performance. And a whole industry filled with a healthy mixture of charlatans and experts who promise even more.

So I went to learn from those who should know. A brief stint at university was enough to for me to know that the field of psychology had no answers for me.

For the plausibility of all the research and theories it had, and still has, little to show for in concrete reality other than incremental improvements here and there. 

Irreverence is rooted in a deep reverence for the enigma of life and iconoclasm in an even deeper one for truth.

Knowledge is only as powerful as what it allows us to do with it. And what I wanted to do was access higher states of consciousness in the here and now with all of their benefits. Incremental improvements would not get me there, philosophical flaws aside.

A similar progression occurred throughout the personal development field and spiritual approaches. Though, I eventually learned to escalate immediately to the highest possible authority to save myself some time. 

I would find the most accomplished master in a field and challenge him or here, mostly him. If they couldn’t do what they promised they'd  teach, there was no need for me to sign up. 

And so the questions multiplied and I found myself realizing that we are living in a world where marketing has replaced substance. Too many gurus are frauds, even more academics are lost in verbal illusions, and the research is too incremental to have a significant impact in the here and now.

I had to find my own answers. I had already read everything I could find and recognized the futility of plausible rhetoric in actually transforming not just how I felt but elevate my total way of being from the core.

If your requirements are not on the menu, it’s your opportunity to create what has not been there before and enrich the net intellectual property of this planet.

I went into seclusion and sought the answers that all the experts had failed to find and manifest for themselves on my own. It was a period of relentless philosophical inquiry, mystical exploration, and empirical experimentation.

In those six years I abstained from social contact and radically explored the depths of my psyche, consciousness, and how they influenced the totality of my existence. 

I discovered extraordinary things that far exceeded my initial goals. I saw why the experts, gurus, and leads, past and present, failed. And also, why they were unable to see it. 

I discovered the principles that intersect reality, self, and consciousness and force from which they spring. I discovered how we unconsciously generates our moods, states of mind, being and energy. I learned how to have access to it all.

What I found is that all of our states of mind and being are self-generated by tiny impulses we can control consciously. And when I understood how to generate them, I could summon these rare states of being where things just fall into place, call them flow, resonance, transcendence, oneness, peak states, or being in the zone, at will.

You are yourself to the degree to which you feel and are alive, obstaclelessly beyond yourself, becoming and creating dangerously on the cusp of the unknown.

But it was not enough for me to seize these abilities. I had to simplify them and record them so that others could seize them too. 

I used to believe that it was difficult to step beyond my programming and exercise creative control over my mind and my emotions. And if I had believed the experts, I would have wasted my life learning pointless rituals and useless theories that would have only lead to speculative insights. 

Any discovery of mechanisms or principles that relates to our human existence will be complex and nuanced in its full form. Yet every science or technology, if more advanced than its alternatives, should also have simplified solutions that are more effective than those alternatives.

So why shouldn’t others have access to that boundless sense of being and capacity for personal freedom? Why shouldn’t you have the ability to ignite yourself into your highest states of being whenever you want? 

That’s when I created Vast. And it was not complete until I could distill my insights, discoveries, and methods into techniques that satisfied the three I’s. 

They should be intuitive enough to do whenever and wherever you want with the same natural ease as moving your body. 

They should be immediate enough to create their effects within minutes if not seconds without being locked to superstitious rituals. 

And lastly, impactful enough to create results that are undeniably powerful rather than incremental and possibly imagined. 

Truth is function.

But this was then. Now, Vast is complete and all the above are possible now. I’m not only proud to have innovated as deeply but also honored and passionate to offer these insights and abilities to others. 

And while my inventions were not lasers as a younger self intended, they are far more significant than I could have imagined. 

Vast is an existential science and technology that changes the way we think, perceive, feel, and live in a fundamental way and on a large scale. 

After all, the precision and clarity I had to bring to my explorations and the thinking processes I had to develop to get there tickled the spirit I was after from the start: creative liberation in the heat and heart of life.

Think Vast

Art Von Sy is Vast